To change the face of dentistry by keeping our patients healthy for a dental lifetime.

It’s because of you, our patients, friends, and the 58 Dental family that we are here. Our team leads a revolution in dentistry, and we want to share that with you. We are committed to keeping you healthy for a dental lifetime.

Modern dentistry is no longer just about fillings and cavities, crowns and veneers. Yes, those modalities are still practiced here with the utmost perfection, but dentistry has grown beyond this myopic definition.

58 Dental recognizes that chronic inflammation is rampant and at the root of most illnesses and disease today. 58 Dental is pursuing areas such as: the connection between oral health and heart disease, the link between oral health and diabetes control, the management of osteoporosis patients who take bisphosphonate drugs, remineralization therapy to prevent decay and invasive dental procedures, the support of xerostomic patients, control of periodontitis and systemic inflammation, pre and post-head and neck cancer support, and much more.

At 58 Dental we reject the idea of being “tooth doctors”! We are physicians of the mouth and treat our patients as such. Treatment is patient specific and disease oriented. What the 58 Dental team can assure you of is that we are involved in creating a metamorphosis that will change the face of dentistry. We will be here for you, at the ready, if ever you or your health should dictate.