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Gentle and Experienced Family Dentist Serving Hampden Residents in Denver, CO

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Our Experienced Team is Committed to Keeping Your Teeth Healthy for a Lifetime.

At 58 Dental, our goal is to provide healthy and beautiful smiles to those looking for a dentist in the Denver, CO and surrounding areas with the highest quality dental care. We offer general dentistry, pediatric dentistry and specialized dentistry services such as veneers, dental crowns, dentures and much more. When you leave our office, we want you to feel happy and satisfied with the services you’ve received.

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Why the Name 58 Dental?

We chose to call our practice 58 Dental in recognition of the named fifty-eight peaks in the State of Colorado that are above 14,000 feet. These peaks hold special meaning for the 58 Dental team. A “14er” represents the pinnacle, the top and the very best. Our team is in constant pursuit of its own dental “14er.” We doggedly aim for perfection through professional development and patient care. Our goal is to provide our patients with healthy, predictable and long-term dentistry.

At the top of a Colorado “14er,” the view is awe inspiring, but difficult to see from lower elevations. In a similar way, 58 Dental has a breadth of vision for dentistry that is seldom shared or found. We practice the medical model for dentistry, focusing on prevention, remineralization therapy, and minimally invasive dentistry. In addition, we provide pre and post-head and neck radiation support.

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Continual Growth and Knowledge

At our foundation, the 58 Dental team is dedicated to ongoing education. We pass that on to you as patient education with an understanding of your own dental health. At 58 Dental, we spend generous amounts of time answering your questions, addressing concerns and learning about you and your oral health. Awareness of one’s own health is the beginning of successful dental treatment, and 58 Dental is committed to that.

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Our Philosophy:

  • Treat each individual patient with dignity and respect
  • Have staff members that are dedicated to advancing oral and overall health
  • Create modern, research-based dental treatment plans
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Our Team Focuses on Proactive and Preventative Dentistry

At 58 Dental, we believe in treating our patients like family, with compassion and care. In our office, we understand that communication plays an important part when dealing with your oral health. Our team at 58 Dental talks in-depth with all our patients to discuss their oral health, treatment and preventative maintenance plans to keep their teeth healthy. We keep our focus on proactive and preventative dentistry, as we want to stop the problems before they start.

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Minimally Invasive Dentistry

As the foundation to treatment plans, Dr. Griffith uses minimally invasive procedures that help keep your natural teeth as healthy as possible. He believes that nothing is superior to your own natural teeth and that dentistry should endeavor to maintain your natural teeth whenever possible. Minimally invasive dentistry can allow dentists to perform the least amount of dentistry needed. At 58 Dental, we combine proactive measures with advanced dental technology to help you keep your natural teeth looking wonderful.

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Preventative Care

58 Dental strongly believes that educating our patients and discussing preventative care are the keys to achieving optimum oral health for a lifetime. We take a comprehensive approach to your oral health while strongly emphasizing prevention and maintenance. We customize our approach and treatments individually for our patients to account for any and all concerns and goals they may have. At 58 Dental, we are an advocate for routine cleanings, flossing, sealants, fluoride and more to prevent dental diseases.

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