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Frequently Asked Questions

Children and Dentistry

Written By Dr. Kyle Griffith

At 58 Dental, we want your child's first experiences with dentistry to be pleasant. Our goal is to limit dental problems for all patients, but especially for the children of our practice. Unfortunately, sometimes dentistry has to be performed.

What should the expectations be for a child in need of dental treatment?

1) The procedure is completed safely, for both the child and the dental team

2) The procedure is completed to our high standard of care

3) The child's experience is not traumatic

Each of these objectives needs to be met for a child to have a pleasant experience at the dental office. If one or more of these objectives cannot be met, then treatment should not be initiated or continued.

In many instances, children are tolerant of dental treatment. In some limited cases, however, children are apprehensive and sedation of some level must be used. Sedation insures that treatment can be performed successfully and the child's perception of the dental experience is pleasant.

Nitrous oxide is the first level of sedation provided at 58 Dental for our anxious children. If a deeper level of sedation is required for your child, 58 Dental works closely with a specific nurse anesthetist team that can administer a combination of nitrous, oral, or IV sedation to keep your child comfortable.

58 Dental wants to create a positive dental foundation for the children of the practice. We enjoy working with our youngsters and want to make sure that they have positive memories of their early childhood dental experiences.

If you are in search for a dentist in the Denver area, please do not hesitate to contact the team here at 58 Dental for further information or to schedule an appointment.

Kyle Griffith DMD

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