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Vance Joy Versus Cosmetic Dentistry

Written By Dr. Kyle Griffith

The band, Vance Joy, has recently produced a number of songs which have lyrics that reflect on dentistry, in some form or fashion. The band has a song titled "Snaggletooth" and within the song is the line, "Baby, don't you know that, I love your snaggletooth".

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word "snaggletooth" as: an irregular, broken, or projecting tooth.

While trying not to overstep my bounds by attempting to interpret the song's lyrics, this line and the following go on to say, in essence, that the imperfections that the woman presents with are loved by her significant other.

How on earth, you might ask, am I going to possibly make some connection between this song and dentistry? For the past twenty years, dentistry has been advertising "aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry" until the profession, as a whole, was blue in the face. The sole goal for the majority of the "aesthetic/cosmetic" cases was the pursuit of what the profession of dentistry deemed to be the perfect smile or worse yet, what Hollywood deemed the perfect smile.

Pick up an issue of People or Glamour magazine and look at the smiles. I mean, really look. What you consistently see are smile designs that are perfectly symmetrical, teeth in perfect alignment, and the color of the teeth approaching that of porcelain. I am not arguing that these smile designs are not technically perfect, they are. What I am saying is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The cultural climate in pursuit of aesthetic dental perfection has left no room for patient characterizations, such as asymmetry, color variation, diastemas, or tooth characterizations that look perfectly beautiful and natural in individuals.

58 Dental always strives to provide patient-oriented dental aesthetics. We use the traditional model of dental smile design, while at the same time incorporating patient-specific attributes to create a beautiful, natural smile. While 58 Dental may not recommend a "snaggletooth", per say, we work with each patient and their personal definition of beauty.

YouTube: Snaggletooth

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