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Your Dental Hygienist Can Save Your Life!

Written By Dr. Kyle Griffith

Oftentimes I hear our patients say how glad they are to be in our practice because they know we really care about them. This is a loaded statement! What do they mean when they say we care about them? Of course they know we like them, and we are friendly. We get to know our patients personally - likes and dislikes, family, work, vacations, hopes and desires, and much more. We do our best to encourage them toward keeping a regular schedule for maintaining their oral health. And we deliver excellent services and treatment in dentistry. Is there more?

There sure is! Your relationship with your dental hygienist is critical and could help save your life. As you know, at 58 Dental we educate our patients as to the connection between their mouth and overall health. Dental hygienists have a key role in the prevention of cardiovascular disease.What?? How can that be, you might be asking yourself? Don't they only take x-rays and clean teeth? Actually registered dental hygienists are trained to go beyond that, and they should. We have the education, knowledge, and skills to help you with your health - particularly when it comes to the link between oral health and Cardiovascular Disease. We take an active role in prevention of CVD whereas the current health care system focuses on treating disease once it becomes evident.

Researchers conclude that Periodontal Disease is associated with heart disease, heart attacks, and strokes. It is definitely a risk factor and an independent marker for CVD. So establishing a good rapport with your hygienist is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Through that relationship and with our knowledge and skills, we keep you educated and help treat gum disease (Periodontal Disease) in the early stages with the intent of preventing oral bacteria and inflammation from getting into your blood stream and causing trouble. This can help save your life. And as Dr. Griffith says, "At 58 Dental our goal is to help keep you healthy for your dental life time." We really DO care about you! As always, come in and see us so we can be of help to you!


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