Vance Joy Versus Cosmetic Dentistry

Written By Dr. Kyle Griffith The band, Vance Joy, has recently produced a number of songs which have lyrics that reflect on dentistry, in some form or fashion. The band has a song titled "Snaggletooth" and within the song is...

Signs Of Celiac Disease In The Mouth

Written By Dr. Kyle Griffith I recently had a one-hour consultation with a patient which focused extensively on the patient's overall health and current medical conditions. The patient had suffered for years and been examined by...

The World’s Shortest Dental Implant

Written By Dr. Kyle Griffith 58 Dental has extensive experience with the restoration and placement of dental implants. Dental implants utilize state of the art technology and are the closest replacement for a missing tooth. As implant...

Not Your Grandfather’s Amalgam Fillings

Written By Dr. Kyle Griffith After approximately ten years of advertising by dentists who claim that "they only place white fillings" and the public's consistent requests for composite fillings, the pendulum is starting...
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Tony F
If you are serious about your oral care and want a team that cares about your health, gives you the best dentistry, and the most up to date technology I would strongly recommend 58 Dental. Their work is impeccable and has in each case stood the test of time for me. Tony F.
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