Cheap Dental Crowns

Written By Dr. Kyle Griffith

Where in the world did your dental crown come from?  Do you know? As the global economy continues to evolve, dentistry isn’t just sitting on the sidelines and watching.  No, in fact, quite the opposite is happening.  

As the overall demand for cheaper goods and services has increased, dental offices across the country have looked for ways to push costs below an already low threshold.  Their magic bullet aimed at cost containment is often to send your dental lab work to another country.  I know what you must be thinking, “Is there anything we don’t outsource now?”

There are dental labs located in Mexico, China, and Thailand, just to name a few countries where your lab work could end up.  I am not disparaging the dental labs in other countries, but I do have some reservations.

At 58 Dental in Denver, Colorado, we go out of our way to let patients know that their lab work is going to one of the top 5% of dental labs in the entire state.  This lab is independently owned and operated.  They are artists in every sense of the word.   

This is in direct contrast to the direct mail advertisement I received in the office yesterday.  The advertisement was directed at dentists and stated, “Our laboratory is located just a few minutes south of San Diego, Calif., in Baja California, Mexico -- just near the edge of the Pacific Ocean.”

After reading the advertisement several times and doing a quick Google search, I discovered that “Baja California” is actually the Baja Peninsula in Mexico. This is an advertisement to U.S. dentists and it’s almost impossible to understand that the lab is located in Mexico! How is that for transparency? Even the dentists themselves might not be aware of where your lab work is going.

Once again, I’m not here to disparage these other countries’ dental labs, but here is the question I’d like to end with:

If shipping your dental work outside the United States creates exceptional work that lasts longer, looks better, and fits like a glove, why aren’t the dental offices that are choosing these labs shouting the advantages from the rooftops and honestly acknowledging the locations?

The team at 58 Dental is very proud of the dental labs that support our continual quest for perfection.  We could not provide the level of care our dental family demands without their continued dedication and support.  Thanks again, 58 Dental labs!

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