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Dentures and Implants: The Best of Friends

Written By Dr. Kyle Griffith

58 Dental recently helped change a patient’s life and this patient’s story deserves to be shared because there are so many people out there that can relate to it.  The patient had the following questions for me concerning a relatively new denture:

“Dr. Griffith, why is my new denture starting to get loose?  Will this be what it is like for the rest of my life?”

I gently took the denture from the patient’s outstretched hand for inspection.  The denture was well made.  There were certainly no apparent gross defects in the making of this denture.  The only thing that was noticed to have changed was a slight change in the size and shape of the jaws.  You see one thing most denture patients don’t plan for is the slow, gradual loss of jawbone that occurs over time.  It is not a matter of if, jawbone will melt away, it is a question of how quickly. 

“What!” exclaimed the patient.  “I didn’t know about that.”  “What can we do for the long term; for the future?”

I explained, that thankfully implants provide the solution to better functioning, longer lasting, dentures.  Implants provide several advantages but there are two that are worth focusing on:

  • Implants will keep the bone in the jaws full and thick.  Implants stimulate the bone so it does not slowly resorb overtime.  This leads to larger and thicker jaws to hold the denture in place.
  • Implants will help stabilize and retain the denture.  Literally, the denture will snap onto the implants and the implants will provide a strong foundation for the denture to function on. 

Most patients will say, “Dr. Griffith, I feel like chewing with normal dentures is a 1 out of 10 compared to when I had teeth.”  Once these patients decide to pursue implants to stabilize their dentures we usually see that number jump to a 6 or even a 7.

Implant-retained dentures are quickly becoming the standard of care because of these two important points.  If you want your denture to last as long as possible and work more like natural teeth then an implant-retained denture could be a very good long-term option.

If you are tired of dentures that don’t seem to fit or want to chew more easily please contact the team at 58 Dental to learn more.   It is so satisfying to help a patient find the right solution for them.  The team at 58 Dental stands ready to help.