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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Miracle Teeth Whitener Work?

Just recently, I’ve had several patients ask about over-the-counter whitening and if it “works.”  Some of them specifically wanted to know about Miracle Teeth Whitener.  What great questions!  It is always interesting to see a product with the word “miracle” in its name.  Does Miracle Teeth Whitener work?  Well, the short answer is yes and no.  Let’s take a minute and get into the details.  

What actually causes a tooth to look dark or stained?  The discoloration of a tooth is coming from two different places.  There is extrinsic and intrinsic staining.  Those are fancy terms for discoloration on the outside of the teeth or inside of the teeth.  Usually, patients have a combination of both.

Miracle Teeth Whitener’s main ingredient that would assist in whitening the teeth is charcoal.  Charcoal, in this application, is acting as an abrasive.  The charcoal acts just like the grit on a piece of sandpaper and will remove the stain on the outside of the teeth, i.e., the extrinsic staining.  So that sounds good, right?  What you should know is that standard toothpaste has silica in it, a gentle abrasive that functions to keep staining from developing on the outside of the teeth.  Does Miracle Teeth Whitener do a better job than just normal toothpaste?  I’ll leave that up to you to decide.  

Truly, what most dental patients are wanting to address when they talk with us about whitening their teeth is internal staining.  No amount of abrasive, either charcoal or silica, is going to affect the color of the tooth internally.  There are several different ways to address the internal color of a tooth, but none of these are over-the-counter applications.  Most often dentists use carbamide peroxide which gently breaks down and removes the discoloration within a tooth.  This is a very safe, effective, and  long-term way to lighten your teeth.

So back to the original question, “Does Miracle Teeth Whitener Work”?  Yes, to some degree.  Here’s a side note to think about as well.  When you buy a black toothpaste and you’re staring at yourself in the mirror with black paste all over your teeth, do you think your teeth might look whiter once you rinse the black stuff off? 

Learn how you can enhance your confidence with a brighter, whiter smile with Teeth Whitening from 58 Dental.  From just a little brighter to Hollywood white, we can get you the smile you deserve.