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Living with Chronic TMJ Pain

Most people would not believe all the different types of pain that can occur with TMJ dysfunction, also known as TMD (Temporomandibular Disorders).  Patients usually do not know that their issues are being caused by a disharmony between the teeth, jaw muscles, and jaw joint.  These folks seek treatment from all sorts of medical practitioners, from their primary care physician, chiropractor, massage therapist, physical therapist, acupuncturist, etc., and usually receive limited or disappointing results.  This is because the root source of the pain isn’t being addressed, a disharmony between the jaw joint, muscles, and teeth.  

Here are the TOP 4 ways that chronic TMJ pain can present that most people do not know about:

  1. Tooth pain:   If an excessive amount of stress is being placed on the teeth, this can cause everything from vague sensitivities on all the teeth to high intensity pain on a specific tooth, and anything in between.

  2. Headaches:   A major muscle that closes the jaw and clenches the teeth, is located on the sides of a person’s head.  It is common for TMJ pain to manifest in this big muscle.  This can cause a patient to have chronic headaches or migraines.  

  3. Earaches:   The jaw joint is located slightly forward of the contents of the inner ear.  TMJ pain can localize in the ear and cause earaches, ringing in the ear, or the sensation of “water in the ear.”

  4.  Neck and Shoulder Pain:   The muscles of the neck and shoulders stabilize the position of the head and jaw.  These muscles can become sore and painful if they are stabilizing against overactive or imbalanced jaw muscles.  This can result in neck and shoulder pain or “tension” headaches at the base of the skull.  

Living with chronic TMJ pain can range from a minor annoyance to debilitating.  The good news is that there are answers.  A dentist trained in the treatment of chronic TMJ pain can make a significant difference in a patient’s life, in conjunction with the medical practitioners mentioned above.

See how 58 Dental can help you or a loved one living with chronic TMJ painRelief is around the corner and we can help you get there.