Teeth-in-a-Day or Dental Implants: What You Need to Know

Written By Dr. Kyle Griffith

So what is the deal with TEETH-IN-A-DAY? This blog was created to give a general idea about immediate dental implant placement and immediate provisionalization. Those are the fancy terms for teeth-in-a-day. Let us go through what would stop us from being able to place an implant and have a new tooth placed. We will then talk about the “new teeth”.


  1. Dental infections: Infection in the jaw bone might not allow for the dental implant to be placed right then and there. The jaw bone has to be healthy for the bone to accept a dental implant.
  2. Not enough bone: There has to be a certain amount of bone present for a dental implant to be placed. If there is not enough bone in the area there is no way an implant can be placed.
  3. Bad bite: The healing of the dental implant to the bone is very important. You don’t want to do anything that would jeopardize the bone locking the dental implant into place. If a dental patient’s bite is “bad” or “too strong”, building a tooth on top of the implant could cause the implant to fail, or not heal.


Let’s say that all of the stars aligned and you were the perfect dental patient to have teeth-in-a-day. It is wonderful and the height of dental technology to bring patients teeth-in-a-day, but lets look at these new teeth in more detail. You need to know some specifics about your new teeth.

  1. Temporary teeth: The teeth you are given on that day are temporary, also known as provisionals. The final teeth will be created once the dental implants have healed to the bone. This could be anywhere between 3-6 months. The temporary teeth might not look as good as the final teeth.
  2. Very limited eating: Your diet will change during the time that the dental implants are healing. In some instances you will be instructed to not eat on the implant at all. For example, a single front tooth, you would not bite through food on your front teeth at all during the healing of the implant. Let’s say you had all of your teeth replaced with implants. In this case your diet would be extremely curtailed. Your diet would consist of food that could essentially be swallowed, like food-supplement drinks, mashed potatoes, yogurt, and soups.

The last point that should be discussed is risk. The risk of having a tooth placed on a dental implant too early is that the dental implant won’t heal to the bone. If this happens then everything fails and the implant has to be removed. You essentially have to start from step one again with the tooth implant. Most dentist and patients prefer to decrease risk as much as possible and elect for a more conservative approach if possible.

While teeth-in-a-day is an excellent option for specific patients the commercials on TV don’t really tell you the specifics, which are important. If you are missing teeth and would like to pursue dental implants please call 58 Dental today and speak with our knowledgable team members about your specific options.

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