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Get an Entirely New Smile with Advanced Teeth-in-a-Day Technology in Denver, CO

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Replace Teeth That aren’t Fully Functional with Same-Day Dental Implants

Your teeth are both an aesthetic feature and a functional tool for your everyday life, and when they no longer meet your needs, it’s time to upgrade them. Teeth-in-a-day are permanent dental implants that replace your faulty or missing teeth. In just one day, you can have an entirely new, confident smile and eat your favorite meals without pain. During your first consultation, we will meet with you to discuss how your current teeth are failing you and determine how we can help you achieve your specific goals. With advanced technology, we will create a virtual 3D plan for your new teeth. From this, we will create your new tooth or set of teeth. Once your implants are placed, we can attach a durable, natural-looking set of crowns on the same day so you walk out with a brand new, functioning set of teeth. To get started on your brand new smile, schedule a consultation with Dr. Griffith by contacting our office today.

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You Could be a Good Candidate for Teeth in a Day if:

  • You have one or several missing or damaged teeth
  • You want to upgrade your teeth to be more attractive and fully functional 
  • You have adequate bone density and healthy oral tissue in the anticipated areas
  • You don’t grind your teeth excessively during the day or at night
  • You are searching for alternatives to dental bridges or dentures
  • You want long, life-lasting results