Dental Bridges

Hampden Residents in Denver, CO Have Been Smiling More With Our Beautiful, Strong Dental Bridges

58 Dental: dental crown, dental cap, Hampden Avenue, DenverA dental bridge is indicated for patients that want to replace a single missing tooth or several missing teeth.

If a patient is missing between one and four teeth, a dental bridge can potentially be the answer. A tooth bridge relies on healthy, strong teeth adjacent to the area of missing teeth. The adjacent teeth will be used to support the portion of the bridge that replaces the missing teeth. Dental bridges may be constructed utilizing a variety of materials, including: porcelain and gold. If you want your dental bridge to look natural and blend in seamlessly with your natural teeth a porcelain dental bridge will be your best option. If you clench and grind your teeth or have a very strong bite a gold dental bridge would work best in the back of the mouth where the forces of biting are the greatest. 58 Dental will work closely with you to create optimum aesthetics, form and function, utilizing the best material choice for the given situation.

At 58 Dental, we understand how important teeth are, which is why we offer excellent dental bridge services. Dental crowns or bridges can not only restore the look and strength of your teeth, but also restore your smile and confidence. We want our patients to be completely satisfied with the way their teeth make them look and feel.

Tony F
If you are serious about your oral care and want a team that cares about your health, gives you the best dentistry, and the most up to date technology I would strongly recommend 58 Dental. Their work is impeccable and has in each case stood the test of time for me. Tony F.
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