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Restore the Look, Strength and Appearance of Your Teeth with Crowns for Hampden, Denver Residents

Mold of porcelain tooth crownsCreate the smile you've dreamed of with beautiful porcelain tooth crowns.

A crown is a fixed restoration that is usually required in a tooth with a large restoration that is failing, a posterior tooth that has undergone root canal therapy, or a fractured tooth. The tooth is prepared, an impression of the prepared tooth is taken, and a temporary crown is placed to protect the tooth in the interim.

The impression and all diagnostic information are submitted to a dental lab where the final crown is fabricated. At a subsequent appointment, the fit of the crown on the prepared tooth, adjacent teeth and opposing teeth will be equilibrated and the crown then permanently cemented.

The team at 58 Dental has extensive experience in the fabrication of dental crowns, also known as "tooth caps." You may want a tooth crown to strengthen a tooth or make the tooth more aesthetically-pleasing. Crowns may be constructed utilizing a variety of materials, including gold, metal coping with overlaying porcelain, feldspathic porcelain, lucite-reinforced porcelain, lithium disilicate, zirconia or composite. The advances in dental crown materials give our patients the most options available to have beautiful, long-lasting teeth.

If a patient is looking to have the most natural-looking smile, porcelain crowns are an excellent option. For some patients, the strength of their teeth is the primary focus, due to clenching, grinding, or severe wear. These patients commonly choose to have gold crowns placed on their back teeth because of the superior strength and durability of gold.

Whatever you may be looking for in tooth crowns, 58 Dental will work closely with you to create optimum aesthetics, form and function, utilizing the best material choice for the given situation.

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Fully Customized Crowns with High Esthetics 

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Totally Custom Fabricated Crowns

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Fully Customized Crowns with High Esthetics 

 Teeth Before Fully Customized Crowns with High Esthetics

Teeth After Fully Customized Crowns with High Esthetics

100% Custom Implant Crowns

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Teeth After 100% Custom Implant Crowns After

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